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Weekend and March Break Camps

Offering the camp expereince during the fall and winter months to youth engaged in the LIT Program extends the possibilities of camp, and allows more young people to benefit from the collaboration, tranquility and adventure of camp. Several times each year during off season the camp comes to life with many inner cityyouth who use this oppotunity to enjoy nature, focus on learning specific skills and to gel the learning they have done in programs over recent months. On these weekends, the senior participants take a leadership role in facilitating the younger participants through challenging activities; they model the cycle of positive expereinces by teaching and supporting the youth who will in a year or two be mentoring junior LITs as well.

Many of the girls who participate in CLK's programs in the city are not able to attend sleep away summer camp for cultural and religious reasons. In the tradition of recognizing the needs of our kids, and of eliminating barriers, an ALL GIRLS camp was established. At this camp weekend only women and girls are permitted on camp property, and the focus is on building inner stregnth and self esteem regarding the participants body image, peer relationships, and their sense of identity. It is a wonderful opportunity to share among girls and everyone walks away walking a little taller.