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STAR Inner City Programs

The STAR Inner City Program brings opportunities to learn, grow and build skills to children living in poverty right where they live. Operating programs in social housing across the City of Ottawa, Children and youth enjoy barrier-free access to activities they want to engage in such as pottery, swimming, hockey, dodge ball and cooking. Children are supported and mentored by staff and volunteers who are sensitive to their needs and circumstances and who are willing to go the extra mile so these children have opportunities to succeed and build their sense of accomplishment while having fun.

In the impoverished and sometimes dangerous communities where these children live, the STAR Program creates an oasis of safety, positive reinforcement, care and continuity. Children often engage in programs 2 or 3 nights and weekends a week because they feel good about themselves when in the STAR programs and get opportunities that are otherwise not available to them. This early intervention, providing healthy modeling and experiences of positive communication, learning skills, group dynamics and respect has a significant impact on how these children will navigate their life path. Studies show that these children will do better in school, will stay more engaged, and will make better choices because they had constructive, positive, esteem building learning experiences in the critical hours.

To get involved in Christie Lake Kid's Programs, please call us at 613-742-6922 and we will be happy to talk to you. You may refer yourself or a doctor, teacher, friend or anyone who cares can make a referral, our door is open!