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CLK Programs

Christie Lake Kids offers year-round program opportunities to economically disadvantaged children. These children experience ongoing support and activities tailored to the needs of low income children provided by caring and committed staff.

For children who want to participate in skill building programs like hockey, pottery or camp; while significant, financial resources are not the only barrier these children and youth experience. Often children would love to get involved but lack the parental capacity, equipment, transportation, appropriate clothing, or proper nourishment to join in.

This is where the Christie Lake Kids difference comes in! In Christie Lake programs, there are no mandatory fees, all equipment and transportation is provided and basics like shoes and food never get in the way of a child's enjoyment of learning, playing and building their personal tool box!

No child who wants to enjoy what many take for granted is left out. Christie Lake makes sure that every child has the best opportunity to succeed by using a method called "Active Pursuit". This means that prior to every program day, the team contacts every child to ensure that they feel welcome and to help remove obstacles to participation.

To get involved in Christie Lake Kid's Programs, please call us at 613-742-6922 and we will be happy to talk to you. You may refer yourself or a doctor, teacher, friend or anyone who cares can make a referral, our door is open!