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Thank you for believing in kids, thank you for believing in us.

Make a lasting difference for children and youth living in poverty in Ottawa. By giving to Christie Lake Kids, you are becoming part of larger community of individuals, foundations and corporations who understand the importance of providing recreation and skill building opportunities for economically disadvantaged children and youth to them acheive more in life and break out of the cycle of poverty. Every child and youth ideserves a real chance at succeeding in life, and Christie Lake Kids' community is there providing the early intervention that makes all the diffference.

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The Christie Lake Kids Promise

Why Give to Christie Lake Kids?

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The Christie Lake Kids Promise

CLK is committed to fiscal responcibility, accountability and best practices for our loyal donors, clients and community. We provide our major donors with comprehensive reports on where their money was spent and the associated client benefits.

On an ongoing basis, CLK collects feedback from clients and community partners (hospitals, mental health agencies, recreation and social services ) to ensure that we are providing the excellence of service that the kids of Christie Lake deserve.


Why Give to Christie Lake Kids?

Because CLK offers exceptional opportunities to children and youth who need them. The unique skill building programs of CLK reduce negative outcomes for children growing up in social housing like gang and drug involvement, and increase positive life choices life academic success and strong self esteem by acknowledging their needs and elimianting thew barriers that would stand in the way of their success.

When the children of our community do well, we all do well. They are the foundation for a healthy society.

"Economically disadvantaged children compared to their middle-class
Peers are far less likely to have the opportunity to participate
In organized (coached) sports or receive instruction in the arts.
One is hard-pressed to think of any other domain in
Canadian children's lives where participation is so class-linked:
middle class children have the opportunities for participation,
poor children do not. Lack of participation and accomplishment
in these skill areas not only lowers life quality during childhood
but decreases life chances in adulthood."

- The late Dr. Dan Offord, Executive Director of the Offord Centre for Child Studies and Christie Lake Camp Director for 47 years.

There is an epidemic of social exclusion in Ontario. Too many young people have limited opportunities to achieve their full potential. Economically disadvantaged children and youth face unprecedented barriers to participation in skill-building programs in recreation, camping, sports and the arts. These barriers are being erected by many factors: chronic poverty, rising user fees, and lack of investment and cutbacks in arts and recreation resources to name a few.

Access to skill-building programs are a fundamental need for young people; essential to social, emotional and physical well being.

Much evidence exists that shows that children and youth with access to programs like those offered by Christie Lake Kids have better school attendance, get better grades, reduced rates of anti-social behaviour and have improved social and interpersonal abilities.

Did You Know…
Christie Lake Kids' Programs are cost efficient! We strive to direct raised funds directly to expenditures that benefit the children we serve, and as a policy we keep our adiministrative cost very low at below 20% of the budget.

$1,120 will send a child to camp for two weeks
$560 will enable a child to participate in 3 after school or weekend skill-building programs

These Investments are nominal with extraordinary return on investment over the course of a life time; yet the short term and life time options when there is no supported recreation available are much more costly. Compare the cost of programming at CLK to the cost of what it takes to maintain a young person for a year in the following:

$500,000 for a mental health bed in an Ontario Children's Hospital
$130,000 for a bed in a secure young offender custody facility
$60,000 for a spot in a youth shelter


Ways to Give


Monthly Giving

Christie Lake Virtual Gifts

Gifts of Celebration

Gifts in Memory

Legacy Giving

Gifts of Stock


I'd like to make a single gift this time

You can make a single gift simply by clicking Donate Now. You will be taken to the charitable donations CanadaHelps secure web site where you can specify all your giving options. You will be issued an automatic e-receipt.

To help us help Ottawa’s disadvantaged children and youth, please click Donate Now or contact Christie Lake Kids at 613 742 6922 or via email at

If you wish to mail your donation, please send it to:

Resource Development
Christie Lake Kids.
400 Coventry Rd.
Ottawa ON K1K 2C7


I'd like to become a member CLK Sustaining Donors Program and give monthly

By joining our Sustaining Donors Team, you will be ensuring that we reach even more children in need. Your gifts will be withdrawn automatically from your chequing or credit card account at the end of each month. It is the most simple and efficient way of enacting you commitment to children and youth every single day. Sustaining gifts help us plan, knowing that you will be there next month means so much to us! Your monthly gift may make a small difference in your day-to-day budget, but to the Kids of Christie Lake, your monthly donation is tremendous!

This hassle-free way of giving means that you will receive a consolidated tax receipt for all your monthly gifts at the end of the year. If at any time you would like to cancel, hold or change your monthly gifts, we are just a phone call away. To get started right now, please contact us at 613 742 6922 or via email at clk@christielakekids.comto or click Donate Now .

Thank you for your commitment to Christie Lake Kids and the work we do! It is not possible with out the support you provide!


Christie Lake Virtual Gifts

With the Christie Lake Virtual Gift Catalogue you can fill a heart with joy and directly benefit the Kids of Christie Lake with camperships, canoes, blankets and running shoes and so much more. Help Christie Lake Kids bridge the gaps that prevent kids from getting the most out of their childhoods, give a menaingful gift to someone you care about. When they open their card of recognition, they will be warmed by your generosity and the positive impact of your gift.

Please take a look at our gift catalogue to see the gifts you can virtually give, there is something for every budget and every interest - and all these gifts make a real difference to the vulnerable children and youth that Christie Lake Kids strives to serve with your help.

View Gift Catalogue now, to make a purchase, please contact us at 613 742 6922 or via email at clk@christielakekids.comto or click Donate Now and specify your gift details.


Celebrate with a Gift to Christie Lake Kids!

The next time you celebrate an anniversary, retirement, birthday, graduation or another of life’s milestones why not make a meaningful gift to Christie Lake Kids?  Your friend or loved one will be touched that their celebration can make a difference in the lives of kids, and you will feel good knowing that your gift gave twice.

When you give to CLK in Celebration, your gift will have lasting benefits for children and youth living in poverty in Ottawa. On your behalf, we will send your friend or loved one a beautiful acknowledgement card as a keepsake. You will receive a tax receipt for this donation as well.  When someone already has everything, give the gift that fills their heart instead of the landfill.

To make a donation in Celebration, please click Donate Now or contact Christie Lake at 613 742 6922 or via email at


Gifts in Memory; creating a brighter future while honouring a loved one

At a time of loss, you can create a lasting legacy for your loved one by donating in their memory to Christie Lake Kids. An in memoriam gift to Chirstie Lake Kids is a lasting tribute that helps economically disadvantaged children and youth access the opportunities for skill building and personal development that will help them break the cycle of poverty.

You may choose to request donations in lieu of flowers, or individual mourners may choose to make a donation as their rememberance.  We will send the next of kin a sympathy card recognizing each gift.

 A charitable tax receipt will be issued to the donor. If you wish to remain anonymous, please inform us at the time you make your gift.

To make a donation in memory of someone, please click Donate Now or contact Rachel Horsley, Director of Resource Development at 613 742 6922, Ext. 226 or via email at


A Legacy of Opportunity

By joining Christie Lake Kids' Campfire Circle of Friends, you can ensure that a part of your personal legacy is a lasting investment in the well being and brighter futures of our children with living in poverty by leaving a bequest to Christie Lake Kids in your will, making a gift of life insurance or a charitable annuity.

Planned gifts are simple to prepare and they can provide:


Make a gift of cash or property by including Christie Lake Kids as a beneficiary in your Will. It’s one of the simplest Planned Giving options to arrange and it can significantly reduce the tax paid by your estate. If you want your estate to be handled according to your wishes, you should have a Will. Without a Will, a public trustee decides on the distribution of your possessions.

Life Insurance

You can make a larger gift than you might expect possible by naming Christie Lake Kids as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. The premiums you pay qualify for a tax credit. When you transfer ownership of an existing policy to Christie Lake Kids, you receive a tax credit for the cash surrender value. A gift of life insurance is separate from your estate and has no effect on its assets.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable gift annuities are an extremely flexible way to make a gift. They can be designed to provide a fixed income for life for you and/or others you choose.

A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between the donor and Christie Lake Kids. The charitable gift annuity contract states that in exchange for your gift, Christie Lake Kids will pay you a guaranteed lifetime income. The amount of income you receive will be a fixed percentage (based on your date of birth) of the amount of your gift. This payout will remain the same throughout your life, will not vary according to the actions of the stock market, and will create a wonderful gift to Christie Lake Kids. The annuity can provide income during your lifetime or, if you wish, also for the lifetime of your spouse or other beneficiary. It can begin making payouts immediately or be deferred to some future time. Additionally, you receive a charitable income tax deduction in the year you make the gift.


Legacy Gifts are essential in maintaining our long tradition of excellence in innovative programs that began in 1922. Our long history of success has been made possible by the generosity of our donors. In fact, planned gifts that were thoughtfully prepared in the past are a significant part of the core of funding that has made the camp experience possible for all of these years.

All requests are confidential and, of course, a request does not obligate a potential donor to make a gift. For further information on our planned giving program, please contact Rachel Horsley, Director of Resource Development at 613 742 6922, Ext. 226 or via email at


Gifts of Stock

Christie Lake is equipped to receive gifts of stock or flow-through shares from donors wishing to contribute in this way. Gifts given in this manner can oftem enable much larger gift to CLK because of the significant tax incentives the donor can access. If you are interested in exploring this option, we have donors and experts available to discuss this method of support with you. Please contact Rachel Horsley, Director of Resource Development at 613 742 6922, Ext. 226 or via email at to get started.


Corporate Partnerships

Christie Lake Kids is greatful to benefit strong corporate support. Whether companies are interested in sponsoring a program, sending disadvantaged kids to camp, involving their employees, or to encourage their customers to donate to Christie Lake Kids- we offer a wide range of giving opportunities.

A partnership with Christie Lake Kids allows you to maximize your charitable giving and demonstrates to your stakeholders your commitment to making a difference in the lives of at-risk children and youth.

Christie Lake Kids has developed a corporate committee specifically for our corporate partnerships. The team is made up corporate leaders in our community. They provide a unique perspective on our activities and help strategize around the possibilities for new relationships and are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

We recognize that working with corporations is more than just receiving a cheque, we are a team, we share values and we are working with the tools we have to create better futures for Ottawa's children and youth living in poverty.

Whether you are looking to brainstorm new ideas, need help engaging constituents, want to try something innovative, or want to revive an old idea – we are up for the challenge.

Whould you like to know who we are working with already? Please see out Partners page for more information.

To learn more about how we can work together to make a difference, please contact Rachel Horsley, Director of Resource Development at 613 742 6922, Ext. 226 or via email at


Third Party Events

Third Party Events are fundraising events organized by committed community members. They brainstorm the idea, put together the event, promote it and donate the proceeds to one or more charities. Many generous Community members include Christie Lake Kids as beneficiaries of their events, the hard work and care that these community members put into raising funds to support the charities they love is inspirational!

Some examples of third party events:

From the simple to the ambitious, there are many ways a group of colleagues, friends or family can come together for a cause. If you are interested in learning more about supporting CLK in this way we would be happy to provide you with information, support and meeting/office space. We do ask that you contact us before you begin organizing idea to fruition so that we can be sure that the event and its partners are a good match for CLK.

To get started on your great idea, please contact Rhonda Farago, Resource Development Coordinator via  email at