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Christie Lake Camp

About the CampCamp Sign

Come to Camp!

What to Bring

Camp Staff Essentials



About the Camp

Christie Lake Camp has been in operation since 1922, making it one of the oldest summer camps in Ontario.

On the surface, our program resembles that of many other camps. Children learn swimming, canoeing, camp craft, ecology (“nature lore”), and art. They play sports and games, go hiking, and set out on overnight and extended canoe trips. The difference is, the CLC program is specifically designed to meet the needs of children living in poverty.

All of the campers at camp come from families living in poverty. The experience of growing up without much money can mean many different things. However, research and experience have consistently proven that poverty puts Canadian kids “at risk” in dozens of ways. For instance, our kids are more likely have experienced abuse, more likely to have learning difficulties, more likely to have behavioural and/or emotional disorders, more likely to live in an unsafe neighbourhood, and more likely to get involved in criminal activity.

Many kids arrive at camp afraid to fail. Many arrive with poor social skills. Some have few clothes to bring up, while some are loaded down with worries about problems at home.

Christie Lake’s program emphasizes the development of physical and social skills, building up self-esteem that lasts.

In working through the program, kids find they have accomplished things they never thought were possible. By the end of their two-week session, each child has several awards to show off. They have learned that they can succeed, and they take this improved self-image back to their activities in the city.


Come to Camp!

Wonder how you can get in on this wonderful opportunity?

Camp runs is 3 sessions, each is two weeks long. The dates for Camp 2011 are:

Session One     July 2-July 13
Session Two    July 16-July 27
Session Three  July 30-Aug 10

If you or someone you know would like to be a camper, children can be referred by teachers, doctors, family ... anyone who cares. Just call the office to get started! The number is 613-743-6922, we'd love to chat with you!

If you are interested in a rewarding summer working at camp, the pre-camp training dates are June 27 to July 1.
please take a look at our employment page for more details on how to apply!


What to Bring

Campers should try to bring the items on this list, but don't let any missing items get in the way of catching the bus! We will help you round out your supplies, no worries.

As laundry will be done twice during each session, campers should bring enough clothing to last about six or seven days. Even during the summer months campers should be prepared for cold or wet weather. We recommend you bring:

Bathing suit and towel
Running shoes and sandals
Underwear, socks, t-shirts, shorts
Long pants and sweaters
Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo
Sunscreen, insect repellent                                      

A sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets and a blanket.


Camp Staff Essentials

We must have certain documents about all staff on file at the office.  Please send these in before camp begins. 

We must have:


What to Bring
It is important to pack light,  you will be sharing a cabin with five other Junior Staff and you will have limited shelf space. 

Here are the basics:


Christie Lake Kids is pleased to be able to offer scholarships to camp staff pursuing post secondary education. Please contact the Camp Director for more information and necessary forms.   Materials and guidelines are currently being reviewed.